The Value of SEO in Website Development

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This post is an essential read if you are looking to design a new website, set up a new blog or redesign your existing site. SEO has to be there at the inception of the site design and it is an important pivotal activity during the development and site testing phase.

Most of my clients I worked with, thought about SEO when it was already too late; usually, once a website was launched and live. Not understanding why the site was struggling in search engines, they asked me to give them tips and tricks on how to make it visible in Google.

For most of these sites, I have ended up recommending a major restructuring of the site architecture and content, the navigation, as well as a lot of critical maintenance technical redevelopments, which had to be executed based on a thorough SEO audit. 

These recommendations were unwelcomed both by the clients and their development agencies since the website design budget was already spent and the development team has completed their project.

By not implementing SEO at the design stage, these clients had to spend double or more time and resources to make fixes, which would have been easier and much more cost effective to implement during the design phase.

By missing out implementing SEO in the initial website design, these clients lost valuable time to get the site to perform in search engines, as well as they had to spend on average 2.5X the amount of the initial development cost just to make the changes to the existing site.

Conclusion: Always do SEO before you plan a new site design and launch!

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